There have been many initiatives in the past where people find themselves donating to charities to help their fellow man. I believe that is a compassionate and wonderful thing to do. However I decided to spend my time and efforts to try and help a cause that touches me dearly. I am a huge animal activist and it breaks my heart to see animals abandoned with no home. I recently discovered the wonderful people at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.
This organization helps to rescue not only dogs but cows, pigs and even horses. They believe in giving dogs a place to call their own home until they can find them a suitable owner. I have chosen to donate portions of my sales as well as supplies to this organization to help in any way I can! For Christmas I managed to gather supplies and toys to donate to their facility. At any given time they can house close to 120 dogs. I look forward to continuing to reach out to organizations such as this one to send donations so animals can find a save haven. Everyone deserves a place to call home.

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